Monday, July 23, 2012

TDC XVIII: CHAI The Hell Are We Still Doing This?

Date: July 22, 2012

Participants: 36
Champs: Eli "Creetch" Creeger, Joseph Rombro, Akiva Gross
Runner Up: Chanan Weissman, Noah Pottash, Gadi Lefkowitz
MVP: Eli Creeger
Kappy's All Tournament Team: 
First Team: Eli Creeger, Noah Pottash, David Stern
Second Team: Chanan Weisman, Noam Weisman, Tani Weissman
Fundraising: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: $12,761.00; Jewish Caring Network: $300

Monday, July 25, 2011

TDC XVII: "The Cicada Adventure"

Date: July 24, 2011
Participants: 36 
Temperature: 140 F
Champs: Paul Auster, Andrew "Fatty" Meyerson, Brian Neuman
Runner up: Judah Fuld, Noam Heller, Mike Jaskulsky
MVP: Paul Auster
Kappy's All Tournament Team:  Paul Auster, Judah Fuld, Tani Weissman, Noam Weissman, Jeremy Hurewitz
Solomon Milgrome Award: Andrew "Fatty" Meyerson
Fundraising: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society: $4893; Jewish Caring Network $200

Monday, July 11, 2011

TDC XVI: "Old Enough for Lawrence Taylor to Meetcha"

Date: July 18, 2010
Participants: 36
Champs: Jeremy Pottash, Eli Pottash, Noam Heller
Runner up: Noam Weissman, David Lederman, and Justin Nicholas
MVP: Jeremy Pottash

 The Group Shot including Nasty Nestor and Rabbi Shmuel Silber Shlita

TDC XV: "Charach for the Cure"

Date: May 31, 2009
Participants: 36
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt,Yonah Heller, Mike Jaskuslky 
Runner up: Paul Auster, Ari Brownstein, Noach Cohen 
MVP: Yoni Rosenblatt

TDC XIV: "TDC Hits Puberty"

Date: June 8, 2008
Participants: 36
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt, Tani Weissman, Simon Blekhman
Runner up: Jeremy Pottash, Jesse Hervitz, Yonah Heller
MVP: Tani Weissman

TDC XIII: "The Bar Mitzvah"

Date: June 2007
Participants: 24
Champs: Harry  Auster, Yonah Heller, Noam Heller
Runner up: Jacob Milner, Marty Hendershot, Jason Allen
MVP: Harry Auster

TDC XII: "The Bat Mitzvah"

Date: September 3, 2006
Participants: 24
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt, Jeremy Hurewitz, Noach Cohen
Runner up: Jason Allen, Noam Heller, Gadi Lefkowitz
MVP: Jeremy Hurewitz

TDC X: "The Ten Year Reunion"

Date: June 2004
Participants: 32
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt, Daniel Aronhime
Runner up: Harry Auster, Samuel Minkove
MVP: Yoni Rosenblatt

TDC XI: "3 on 3 for real?"

Date: August 2005
Participants: 24
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt, Scott Blumberg, Idon Natanzon
Runner up: Jon Minkove, Brian Neuman, Gadi Lefkowitz
MVP: Yoni Rosenblatt

TDC IX: "9 lives and still purring like a pussycat"

Date: June 2003
Participants: 32
Champs: Eli Creeger, Ari Gladstein
Runner up: Yoni Rosenblatt, Eli Berman
MVP: The Creetchtt

TDC VIII "The Ripken TDC"

Date: June 2002
Participants: 32
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt, Eli Berman
Runner up: Sam Minkove, Noam Weissman
MVP: Yoni Rosenblatt

TDC VII: 24/7

Date: June 2001
Participants: 26
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt, Elnatan Reisner
Runner up: Chanan Weissman, Jon Plaut
MVP: Yoni Rosenblatt                   


TDC VI: "Rebirth"

Date: June 2000
Participants: 16
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt, Nadav Spiegler
Runner up: Commissioner Ariel Wolf, Ari Gladstein 
MVP: Yoni Rosenblatt

TDC V: "Unfinished Business"

Date: August 1999
Participants: 16
Runner up

TDC IV: "The Overpious Debacle"

Date: August 1998
Participants: 16

Forever known, as the "over pious debacle," this tournament was canceled after a player fell of his bike and was taken to the hospital. Despite heated arguments at a shiva house, the tour this year fizzled into pickup ball at the Wolf home.

TDC III: The Chazaka

Date: June 1997 
Participants: 16
Champs: Yoni Rosenblatt, Jon Minkove
Runner up: Eli Pristoop, Jared Lustman

TDC II: "The Great Expansion"

Date: June 1996
Participants: 16
Champs: Ariel Meyerstein*, Ari Gladstein
Runner up: Jon Samet, Aeli Gladstein

*Drove Car

TDC I: The Inaugural

Date: June 1995
Participants: 4
Champs: Josh Wolf, Ariel Wolf
Runner up: Jon Minkove, Yoni Rosenblatt
MVP: Josh Wolf